Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Voluntary National Review on the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

17 July, 2018

This Report takes a critical look at progress and challenges in each area, as well as lessons learnt and way forward. Lao PDR will continue to work closely with the international community and relevant stakeholders to ensure steady progress towards the SDGs, achieving LDC graduation, and improving the well-being of all citizens. 

Lao PDR - United Nations Partnership Framework 2017-2021 Progress Report 2017

26 March, 2018

This report titled “Lao PDR - United Nations Partnership Framework 2017-2021 Progress Report 2017” covers key development trends and results achieved under the Lao PDR – UN Partnership Framework 2017 - 2021, as well as lessons learned and way forward. It also reports on progress on communications and common business operations and includes an indicative financial overview.

Lao PDR Development Finance Assessment

13 November, 2017

The aim of the report is to provide an overall picture of the development financing context in Lao PDR, identify potential areas of alternative financing and partnerships, and provide insights into the types of policies and institutional arrangements which will be required to manage the full scope of development finance needed for delivering sustainable LDC graduation through an integrated national financing framework.

From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals: Laying the base for 2030

10 November, 2017

This report titled “From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals: Laying the base for 2030” provides an overview of progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), compiles potential baseline data for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and highlights SDG localization and monitoring issues. 

Lao Social Indicator Survey (LSIS II) 2017

8 November, 2017

The Lao Social Indicator Survey II (LSIS II) was carried out in 2017 by Lao Statistics Bureau (LSB) in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Sport, as part of the Global Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) Programme. Technical support was provided by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), with government funding and financial support of UNICEF and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), European Union (EU), Luxembourg Government, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), World Food Programme (WFP), and United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP), World Health Organisation (WHO) and Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). USAID provided technical support for the data collection and analysis on anaemia. 

Decent Work Country Programme for Lao PDR 2017–2021

30 May, 2017

This 2017–2021 Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) for the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) provides a five-year framework for cooperation between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the national constituents (the Lao PDR Government and employers’ and workers’ organizations). 

Business Operations Strategy: United Nations – Lao PDR Partnership Framework 2017 - 2021

Date: March 2017

This Business Operations Strategy supports the realization of the 'One UN' commitment to reduce institutional barriers, utilize shared data, analyses and advocacy to support integrated solutions, and improve standards and common operating systems through taking a strategic, results-oriented approach to planning, management and implementation of harmonised business operations in support of the Lao PDR – UN Partnership Framework 2017 – 2021.

Tracking progress towards National Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals

Date: March 2017

Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will require countries to adapt global targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and incorporate these into national planning processes, policies and strategies. The convergence of Lao PDR’s national planning process with the SDG launch and 2030 agenda has provided the Government the opportunity to integrate the SDG agenda into its Eighth National Socio-Economic Development Plan (NSEDP) 2016-20.

2016 Progress Report: United Nations Development Assistance Framework in Lao PDR

Date: March, 2017

This progress report covers key development trends and results achieved under the UN Development Assistance Framework 2012-2016 in its final year, as well as challenges, lessons learned and ways forward across key development areas from equitable and sustainable growth to gender equality.

ບົດລາຍງານຄວາມຄືບໜ້າ 2016: ຂອບການຊ່ວຍເຫຼືອເພື່ອການພັດທະນາຂອງອົງການສະຫະປະຊາຊາດ ຢູ່ ສປປ ລາວ

ວັນເດືອນປີ: ມີນາ, 2017

ບົດລາຍງານສະບັບນີ້ ກວມເອົາທ່າອ່ຽງການພັດທະນາຕົ້ນຕໍ ແລະ ຜົນໄດ້ຮັບທີ່ບັນລຸໄດ້ ພາຍໃຕ້ຂອບການຊ່ວຍເຫຼືອ ເພື່ອ ການພັດທະນາຂອງອົງການ ສປຊ ສໍາລັບໄລຍະ 2012-2016 ກໍຄື ສິ່ງທ້າທາຍ, ບົດຮຽນທີ່ຖອດຖອນໄດ້ ແລະ ທິດທາງຕໍ່ໜ້າ. ບົດລາຍງານສະບັບນີ້ ຍັງໄດ້ລາຍງານຄວາມຄືບໜ້າດ້ານການ ສື່ສານ ແລະ ການເຄື່ອນໄຫວວຽກງານ ຕ່າງໆ ຕະຫຼອດເຖິງ ພາບລວມການຊ່ວຍເຫຼືອດ້ານການເງິນ. 

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