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Guided by the United Nations Partnership Framework, the United Nations in Lao PDR responds to the national development priorities of the Lao people and Government.

The Partnership Framework is closely tied not just to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, but also to the goals of the Government’s 8th National Socio-Economic Development Plan - with the Government’s aim to graduate Lao PDR from the ranks of the Least Developed Countries by 2020 at its core.


Graduation from Least Developed Country Status

In order to graduate from Least Developed Country status by 2020, Lao PDR must meet several economic and human resource criteria. Specifically, the country must meet two out of three measures as set by the UN at the global level, which pertain to Gross National Income, quality of life and economic vulnerability.

Progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals advances the likelihood of graduation. But to meet the necessary indicators,  Lao PDR will need to increase sustainable funding across several sectors and reach the poorer segments of the population and in remote areas.


Effective development

The Round Table Process is the primary platform for enhancing development effectiveness and aid coordination in Lao PDR. It is led by the Lao Government and co-chaired by the UN. The Round Table Process and its associated Sector Working Groups, the majority of which are co-chaired by members of the UN Country Team, facilitate dialogue on key development issues like aid effectiveness and strategic planning.

The Delivering as One initiative allows the UN to provide coherent and coordinated support to the Lao Government. By integrating the UN’s resources under one leader, the Resident Coordinator, the UN can offer higher-quality policy guidance and effective and consolidated assistance to national priorities.

To enhance dialogue and coordination with and among development partners in Lao PDR, the UN also facilitates regular Informal Development Partner Meetings. The meetings are co-chaired by the Resident Coordinator and one of the development partners (on a rotating basis) and provide a forum to discuss ongoing or emerging issues in the development environment in Lao PDR.


Increasing Transparency and Accountability

The Aid Management Platform is an online software application that Government officials can use to track and monitor development projects and programs. The UN supported the setup of the platform and regularly contributes updates on the development resources provided by the UN. By providing a clear picture on the quantity, origin and destination of development funding, the Government is able to effectively monitor and plan its development priorities.


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The Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation commends Lao PDR’s partnership mechanisms for more effective development co-operation.

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